A closer look at cdot

Cdot addresses key barriers of blockchain interoperation: trust minimal, economic sustainable and standardization.

Trust Minimal
Ledgers of any type may get connected in trust minimal way by leveraging expertise from Cdot.

Economic Sustainable
Cross-chain transaction flow is highly optimized and relayers are properly incentivized to make the whole system economically sustainable.

Interoperation approaches are based on IBC, which is an open, comprehensive, and widely adopted protocol.

A Rendezvous for Web3 Innovation
Cdot is aiming to build core components for Web3 that empowers next generation of blockchain innovation.

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Modern Art for sale


Growing up, I never quite understood the purpose of Abstract art.  It didn’t make sense to me.  I truthfully was all about realism and making sure I captured everything I saw perfectly.  It was in my mid-thirties when I realized why realism captivated me so.  It all boiled down to control. 


Painting fine art with precision forced me to stay within the lines. I had clear boundaries set out for me and for my viewers.  For me, it was a safe exploration into the art world.  Safety was something I relished and detested at the same time; a constant battle within me, which I still struggle with today. 


It was during one of my university classes that I discovered what Abstract painting was all about.  I’m sure it’s different for everyone.  I realized very quickly that creating abstract paintings allowed me to not focus on what I see, but how I felt and the energy that comes with that.  For a short period of time, I get to let go of my need for control, take risks, and lose myself in the acrylic painting that I’m creating.  I surrender to my brushes, paints, and canvas and let the journey begin.  There is truly nothing else that gives me greater self-awareness then when I’m creating abstract art. 


I hope that my acrylic abstract art takes you on a journey too.


We wish you a lucky day!